Infrarenal abdominal aortic aneurysms at multi-detector row

Isl GMBerman PLisi MTolia AJAdelman MMegibow AJRadiologyMacari M,Isl G M,Berman P,et al.Infrarenal abdominal aortic aneurysms at multi-detector

Co-delivery of 5-fluorocytosine_

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isl e wachs - Tungstated zirconia nanocatalysts

A new type of solid acid catalyst, which promises better catalytic performance than conventionally prepared supported metal oxides due to its precisely

Pulse detector for counting dial generated pulses

Cessionário original Aerotel IslUS4868873 Oct 30, 1987 Sep 19, 1989 Aerotel Isl Pulse detector for counting dial generated pulsesUS4868873 198710

Intrusion detector

An infrared detector including a sensor which provides an output signal responsive to infrared radiation incident on a face thereof, and a diffractive

Intrusion detector

Isl GrossingerTatiana KosoburdYaacov KotlickiUSUS5712622 Jan 18, 1996 Jan 27, 1998 Holo Or Ltd. Intrusion detectorUS5712622 * 1996118 19981

rabinowitz, isl - Method of purifying cyclitols

A method of purifying cyclitols, particularly inositol, from mixtures including simple and complex carbohydrates begins by reducing the concentration of

using silver halide fibers and a cooled photonic detector

(Isl) Mordechai Gilo, ElOp Electrooptics Industries Ltd. (Isl)AbrahamCO2 LASERSA fiber optic radiometer based on a cooled photonic detector was

tomography colonography ("virtual colonoscopy") in Isl:

CO2 through the colon wall and blood, causing less cramping after the prospec- tive comparison of thin-section low-dose multi-detector row CT colonogra

Phase detector

A phase detector is applied for detecting the phase difference between a US7046042 * Jun 17, 2004 May 16, 2006 Marvell Semiconductor Isl Ltd

Multiplier (THGEM) Readout for a Dark Matter Detector

35 Cirlix - THGEM (0.4 mm) CO2(90%) + N2(10%) 799 Volts 30 2510. Print Electronics, Isl, 11. A high

Detector module for an imaging system

A detector module for detecting photons includes a detector formed from a Shahar, ArieTraub, EliezerAltman, Isl

CO2 safety system

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Characterization of Hydrothermally Prepared Titanate Nanotube

cooled CCD detector (Horiba-Jobin Yvon CCD-3000 A Potential Catalyst for CO2 Adsorption and HydrogenationIsl E. WachsJournal of Physical Chemistry

of the cortical neuron: integrator or coincidence detector?

Abeles M. Role of cortical neuron: integrator or coincidence detector? Isl Journal of Medical Sci- ences. 1982; 18:83-92. PMID: 6279540

Principle Components |

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R. China,2Isl Chemicals Limited, Shanghai carbonatoms, normally in form of CO or CO2. Thiswitha HP-innowax column and a FID detector.1

Enhanced detector array receiver for optical wireless

Electrical and Electronics Engineers in Isl, 2002. the Convention ofDenis Bushuev and Shlomi Arnon.Enhanced Detector Array Receiver for Optical Wireless

Word cluster viewer

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Carbon dioxide detector and shield

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(GEI), principalmente el CO2, hoy se percibe como uno de los más los gases resultantes son medidos a través de un detector de infrarrojo

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On the Transport of Polarized Infrared Signals Through the

the use a 10.2 \im CO2 laser at Kirtland detector array acquires the data serially with Pesses M, Isl S, Meyer R, et al. On

Status detector and communication unit and system for remote

A status detector and communication unit (20) for a padlock (10) having a body (11) and a shackle (12)

Room Sweep, Bug Sweep, bugsweep, bug sweep, bug detector,

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