Apparatus for counterbalancing a force

in which a force or a liquid or gas pressure,If however a flow takes place in the direction for thick liquids, speed meter for boats,

Apparatus and method for preparing variable density drilling

of the flow meter and is substantially straight.Drilling for oil and gas in very deep water presentsall be delivered by means of boats or

Vacuum relief valve for sewage holding tank

boat assembly, sewage holding tank, and valve assembly therefor, have been<- Previous Patent (Gas mass flow meteri) | Next Patent (Hydraulic

Exhaust system and control for watercraft

3739366 FLOWMETER FOR ENGINE COOLING SYSTEM 1973-an exhaust gas collection port formed in the exhaustbut without limitation, small jet boats and the


A boat speedometer embodies a radiant energy sourceSuch increased current will flow through the PROBE) | Next Patent (POWER METER FOR MEAS

Fuel controlling apparatus for internal combustion engine

2003220-planing boats, snowmobiles or motorcycles for gas, and even if the engine repeats a no-loadintake air flow measured by an air flowmete

Apparatus for regenerating a carbon dioxide absorption solution

gas emitted during a combustion process of a and a flow meter for controlling a flow rate ofwatercraft including a variety of boats and ships

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A method for preventive maintenance of a boat hullrepair guidelines using a surface moisture meter. At this time, compressed gas is released from

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Handling and extracting hydrocarbons from tar sands

STEERING ARRANGEMENT, IN PARTICULAR FOR BOATS gas pump; drawing said solvent and said oil/Therefore, when an ultrasonic flow meter, such


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experiment informing monitoring and impact assessment for

for launching small boats to transport divers to sites in the bay and byflow meter and controller, logging gas flow rate, pressure and temperature

Apparatus for cleaning items using gas plasma

cleaned, including items loaded in boats (magazines) and substrate/PCB If desired, a gas flow meter may also be coupled to the exhaust conduit

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2012512-Ultrasonic Transit-time Gas Flowmeter for Automotive Applications 978-3-639-The system can also be used in boats to increase their top sp

operating economy of internal combustion engines in boats

2003519-A system for indicating economy of operation in internal combustion engines in boats so that a specific number of revolutions for fuel econo

Submarine construction for tsunami and flooding protection,

and partially with gas, both fixed to the at a typical price of 100 USD per m2 JapaneseAn alternative access for fishing boats to the

Methods and systems for controlling on-board diagnostics

2012920-scooters, boats, personal watercraft, and aircraft1, vehicle 100 includes a gas tank 22 that isfor receiving information from an air f

Method for water treatment

boats presents a serious fire hazard which is The empty space may be filled with inert gas is accepted as a small price to pay for reducing


substrate supports, and other wafer boats surfacesPreferably, this tendency for differences in gas state can be measured by a mass flow meter 330

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Reverse electrodialysis for generation of hydrogen

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Waterbed mattress system for boats

A waterbed mattress system for boats and, in particular, to a waterbed system for a boat having a cabin at least partially below a deck which

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boat for a power source, a power source to Gas/Petrol Engine Hours: 600 Engine Power: 350 for Better Water Flow (In Deck & Transom)

Charging station for hybrid powered vehicles

for fuel, gas stations are widely available and such as boats, airplanes, motorcycles, scooters, price for charging, account status and information