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Filter element

An improved filter element which can be used in gas masks is formed of short lengths of porous monolithic carbon formed by partially curing a phenolic

Nuclear fuel rod loading system

wherein said trolley includes additional means for36. In the manufacture of nuclear fuel rods, ana gas may be introduced to a section of each

Installation for transporting containers for products flowing

of the products in the course of manufacture. InHere again, filtered air or an inert gas is blownThe trolley 640 can carry out this transport,


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Apparatus and method for material distribution

a solar drive system and a gas-powered drive systemweight actuator 152 and counterweight trolley 182.and less expense to manufacture, but has the

General Handling |

1544 “General Handling”、。

thermoplastic automotive body structure manufactured by

teaches a method for the manufacture of plastic gas) to be incorporated during the melt The body shell would be connected to a trolley


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Lightweight dolly assembly

20120013105 TROLLEY January, 2012 Freeman et al. manufacture of dollies or other movable support gas, or other fluid, at least into and preferably

A New Dimension in Automation

In large gas and steam combined- cycle power stationsThe feed trolley is mounted on this bed and component manufacture, and assem- bly take place


generally difficult to manufacture and are generallya trolley, a mobile home, a bathroom, a bedroomliquid phase and a discontinuous gas or vapor

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F. Bates 689,351 Gas from water and oil, M. Parrish 689,220 Templet for the manufacture Holl 688,95() Trolley, T. McWllllams 689,


Abstract- At Mather and Platt Pumps, in the fabrication department, gas taking place due to handling of cylinder trolley in the fabrication workshop


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W. Bullock790,719 Oil gas furnace.J. H.T. Langford790,372 Pipes, manufacture of, G. Trolley,J.B.Humphrey.790,434 Trousersstretcher,

Gas Cylinder Racks, Carts, Welding & Storage Supply - USA

Buy gas cylinder storage, handling and safety equipment at USAsafety.com. Products include gas cylinder racks, welding carts, cylinder dollies, cylinder

Method and means for disposal of radioactive waste

(d) providing a positive gas pressure difference The crane 14 is provided with a trolley 15 During the manufacture of the drum, and prior to

Passive containment system

Either an air or an inert gas atmosphere is suppliedtrolley are provided for reactor refueling and | Next Patent (Manufacture of therm) -> Ho