of the equilibration of excited vibrational states of SF6

Laser‐induced infrared fluorescence was used to measure the vibration to vibration energy transfer process in SF6during collisions with rare gas partners


For CO2/SF6, the code uses a default model based on refrigerant fluid 7) High-speed operations were performed with these mixtures to measure the

A method to optimize sampling locations for measuring indoor

2014121-133  The polynomial method uses Taylor expansion equations to express the measure the air temperature, 390  air velocity, and SF6 conce

measurement of electron transport and ionization in SF6-N2

The pulsed Townsend (Td) technique was used to measure the electron drift Pulsed townsend measurement of electron transport and ionization in SF6-N2

[Baseline correction method for spectrum signal of SF6

a baseline correction method based on the optimum wavelet basis for spectrum detection is proposed to measure the composition content of the SF6 insulating

SF6-Free 550 kV Combined Optical Voltage and Current

Because of environmental pollution prevention laws, PFC (perfluorocarbon) and HFC (hydrofluorocarbon), both etching gases for silicon oxide and silicon


2007420-An image sensor device (and method of making same) that includes a substrate with front and back opposing surfaces, a plurality of photo det



differential cross sections for electron scattering from SF6

ABSTRACT A conventional hemispherical electron spectrometer has been used to measure absolute cross sections for elastic scattering of electrons from SF6 for


Lightweighting Materials FY 2008 Progress Report3. AUTOMOTIVE METALS—CASTA. Improved Automotive Suspension Components Cast with B206 AlloyPrincipal Investiga


20041019-Discharging gap structures are disclosed including two discharge electrodes disposed in divergently spaced, opposite relationship. End porti


1. Feature of power generationThe simultaneousness of the electric power generation means that the electric power generation, transmission, transformati


Response surface methodology uses a statistical ap- proach to efficiently measure and generate mathematical models for responses as a function of the

Quantification of hydrophobic and hydrophilic properties of

2009420-A non-destructive and simple analytical method is provided which allows in situ monitoring of plasma damage during the plasma processing suc

A study of heat and mass transfer through a doorway in a

The electron cap- ture detector uses a Ni-63 radioactive cell. The 2. The use of the SF6 systems and thermocouples to measure temperatures at

Addressing and imaging microring resonators with optical

After launching light inside the bus, we measure the op- tical electric The etching process uses a SF6 ͑5/6͒/Ar͑1/6͒ equal flow

Convective and ventilation transfers in greenhouses. 1. The

Many gases such as SF6, CH4, CO2, H2, N2O,[Measure- ment and modelling of greenhouse tomatouses a ig leaf model to treat the

Effect of inelastic collision reactions of SF6 on electron

function (EEDF) and reaction rates of inelastic collision reactions of SF6.The error between two methods to measure effective electron temperature is

On Sensor |

52390 “On Sensor”、。 Fluid and solid dielectrics such as oil, SF6, and resins, will permi

transport at the air-sea interface:().pdf -max

.255 19 Micrometeorological Approaches to Measure SF6 and 3He are appreciably higher than CO2 decays as it diffuses towards the water

System to Measure Traces of Water in SF6

Errais A, Frechette M F, Sakakibara T and Goyette J 2006 Development of a differential microwave system to measure traces of water in SF6 IEEE PES