Apparatus and methods for efficient generation of chlorine

An apparatus and methods for chlorine dioxide generation. The chlorine dioxide apparatus may comprise a plurality of metering pumps for delivering a plurality

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2011923-Agilent 5067-0223 PRECISION GAS FLOW METER NEW ALGOTEX PS-RC10 Cl2 chlorine sensor 112398 GA

Apparatus for the measurement and control of gas flow

An electronic gas regulator is connected to a gas cylinder or other vessel to automatically measure and control the flow of gas to a desired application

Method for purifying a chlorine supply

This invention provides a method for purifying a chlorine supply that includes a chlorine component, a bromine component, and nitrogen trichloride. The

Liquid and gas chlorine dioxide photometer

The density of chlorine dioxide gas in a wet acid atmosphere may be continuously monitored with a photometer energized by a constant voltage incandescent

Chlorine dioxide generation systems

flowmeters, h) a vacuum eductor to be used with gas supply and other chemical feeds, i) a mass dispersion chlorine flowmeter to accurately supply

Chlorine vortex shedding flowmeter

The utility model relates to a chlorine vortex shedding flowmeter, comprisingmeter body, a stainless steel tube for nitrogen gas circulation is welded

Apparatus for sintering a porous glass base material and a

chlorine gas serving as the dehydration gas, and a helium gas serving as gas passage includes a first flow rate meter for measuring a flow rate of

Process for the preparation of alpha-chloromethylsilanes

The chlorine is also proportioned in gas form, for example, by means of a fixedly preset flow meter or a perforated plate ahead of the gas

Method for producing fluorinated organic compounds

or Br and at least one X is a chlorine wherein said converting step occursthrough a regulator, needle valve, and a gas mass-flow-meter. The

Removal of acidic contaminants from gas streams by caustic

1. A process for the removal of chlorine from gas streams which comprisesflow, connected to (d) a flow meter, the outlet tube from which is

Natural gas flow measurement in the 21st century

chlorinecatalytic propertiescracking reactionsExplores competitive market for natural gas continues to turbine flow meters; Emerging flow meter

Low capacity chlorine gas feed system

A gas feed system for supplying a gas such as chlorine to a water system for chlorinating the water. The gas feed system includes multiple containers

- Ultrasonic clamp-on gas flow meters and liquid flow

An electrolytic cell for separating chlorine gas from other (foreign) gases, having an anode electrode, a cathode electrode, a gas impermeable (but liquid

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Natural gas flow measurement in the 21st century

chlorinecatalytic propertiescracking reactionsExplores competitive market for natural gas continues to turbine flow meters; Emerging flow meter

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Method for reducing microorganisms on produce using chlorine

for providing a gas stream comprising chlorine dioxide and a carrier gas The valve 28c, flow meter 29, and gas inlet 34 are downstream from the

Electronic device and thermal type flow meter on vehicle

An airtight configuration for keeping down the permeation of corrosive gas from silicone adhesive, and for preventing corrosive gas from entering the case

cell employing same, method of producing chlorine gas and

2011320-The current invention is to provide an oxygen gas diffusion cathode for brine electrolysis which reduces an initial electrolysis voltage and

Chlorine dioxide sterilizing device for central air

flow meter which is able to measure the flow, a measuring pump and a four functional valve and generate chlorine dioxide gas or chlorine dioxide solution

System for Treatment and Neutralization of Oxidizing Agents

flow meter; the system for treating ballast watera means for removing hydrogen gas from the sidethis invention's system for neutralizing chlorine