swing adsorption for sulfur hexafluoride (SF 6 ) recovery

2011111- showed the largest adsorption amount of 3.5 mmol-SF6/g-carbon at 303.65 desorption temperature and evacuation time on the PTSA performan

42189-012: Nurek 500 kV Switchyard Reconstruction Project

Gas-insulated switchgear technology, which uses approximatelyDescription of Outcome Reliable evacuation of NurekErection of the 500 kV GIS equipment and

Screened medium-voltage substation

evacuation of said gas in the event of a faultsuch as sulfur hexafluoride SF6, at a pressure equipment at the end of its service life and

Process for forming deposited film

equipment and also control items for such bulk pressure, high frequency power, evacuation speed, SF6, NF3, PF5, etc., and further radicals such

Method for reconditioning FCR APG-68 tactical radar units

high voltage dual mode radar transmitter used in™ prior to evacuation and filling with SF6.equipment contains trace amounts of moisture and

Etching method

(evacuation of gasses), high frequency electric power or voltage, flow the main etching step is performed using a mixture gas of SF6 gas/O2

Method for meniscus coating with liquid carbon dioxide

office equipment, steel cabinets, tools, agricultureUseful polyatomic gases include SF6, NH3, N2O, the substrate cell is isolated and evacuation begun

Method and apparatus for the delivery of liquefied gases

(SF6), phosphine (PH3), arsine (AsH3), disiThe purge and evacuation of the apparatus can beequipment performance, and reduction in equipment

Surface modification of medical implants

surfaces, or machining With equipment, such US. and/or SF6) in a noble gas, such as helium Following the evacuation step, an oxygen grafted

Drain devices in hydraulic control circuits

The previous evacuation of this 15 cm3 by a (for example 2000 g) of the movable equipment.gases in a liquified state, such as SF6. Such

Encapsulated switchgear

hexafluoride and uses thereof June, 2010 Luly etequipment with liquefied SF6 under extreme low evacuation and reintroduction of the insulation

Method for prepolarizing and centering a piezoceramic power

Following evacuation and bakeout and while the temperature of the piezo(SF6), considerably higher voltages may be used both in the prepoling

Metered administration of a therapeutic gas

CO2 mixtures used to stimulate breathing, H2 mixtures, SF6 mixtures, and providing an evacuation line in flow communication with the first line,

Method for surface treating semiconductor

equipment and hydrogen plasma downstream treatment and SF6/H2O down flow etching page 1347, FIG.2 Atmospheric 125 m3/min Evacuation 6 Pressure 3

Power breaker

the first evacuation volume being enclosed by a using a drive which is comparatively small and preferably SF6 gas, is enclosed by the carrier

Propellant mixtures and aerosols for micronizing medicaments

for micronizing medicaments for pulmonary use. such as SF6 /propane, dimethyl ether/CO2, theThe air is removed from the vessel by evacuation


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Edge gas injection for critical dimension uniformity

CF3, CH2F2, SF6, HCl, and mixtures thereof.evacuation port, there is a finite possibility ofequipment 129 such as a lamp, spectrometer,


Step B) SF6 based silicon etch step. There may1) a complete break, such as evacuation of thethe known response times of the various equipment

Testing device and testing method

(SF6), and high voltage testing is performed after ensuring the dielectric or equipment for the evacuation or collection of gas when drying, is necessa

System and method for collecting and refining SF6 gas

Abstract of EP0885841SF6 gas collected from the inside of a gas insulated machine (1) during maintenance and inspection is refined

Chemical vapor deposition apparatus and cleaning method thereof

equipment, and relates in particular to a SF6) into the chamber for producing halogen easily exhausted by a subsequent evacuation process

Masking and etching with an oxygen compound

removed by wafer heating and evacuation to vacuumin which etching was performed using an SF6 gasAlthough a multi-chamber etching equipment would

Optical interferometric pressure sensor

After evacuation a getter should be provided that(NF3, CH2F2, SF6, CF4, CHF3) and chloride found on modern Semiconductor process equipment. Previo

Electron-emitting device, electron source, image forming

emitter device and application equipment using the vacuum is produced using the evacuation apparatus SF6 gas by using the resist pattern as a mask

and Analyzing Equipment - SF6 Gas Filling and Evacuation

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On Sensor |

more applications and uses than a corona camera.localization is in SF6 gas insulated equipment.  and effectivel

Equipment Set For Filling And Evacuation Of Sf6 Gas For

Equipment Set For Filling And Evacuation Of Sf6 Gas For Processing (regeneration) , Find Complete Details about Equipment Set For Filling And Evacuation Of

CVD apparatus and method of cleaning the CVD apparatus

JP10266962 October, 1998 EVACUATION SYSTEM JP2001358123-02-28 SEMICONDUCTOR DEVICE MANUFACTURING EQUIPMENTC2F6 and SF6 are 6500, 9200 and 23900 respecti