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Nitrogen dioxide gas ive sensor based on amino phenyl

Nitrogen dioxide gas ive sensor based on amino phenyl substituted NO2 in automobile exhaust gas and power plant waste gas at ambient

EGR Valve Sensor - Mai Ding (M.D.) Enterprise Co., Ltd.

The EGR Valve Sensor series contains a wide range of products including EGR VALVE SENSOR (EXHAUST GAS RECIRCULATION VALVE), EGR VALVE SENSOR (EXHAUST GAS


20091120-plant based on a first sensor positioned in a cost of producing power for the industrial plant.Additionally, heated exhaust gas from t


2005712-An oxygen sensor is mounted in an exhaust path of an internal combustion engine. The status of an exhaust gas is detected in accordance with

Portable Diesel Power Plant Exhaust Detector Design Using

Portable Diesel Power Plant Exhaust Detector Design Using Microcontroller ATMEGAThe proposed design works according to the sensor gas detector installed in

Flight tests on a fiber optic temperature sensor

exhaust gas temperaturefiber optic temperature sensorhostile aircraft environmentconventional and nuclear power plant monitoring, and industrial plant moni


20091220-A combination-cycle electric power plant has a gas turbine unit (2); a steam turbine unit (3); a steam circuit (17) extending through a numb

Continental Automotive - Pressure Sensor – EGR Differential

This differential pressure sensor allows differential measurement of exhaust treatment particle filter pressure drop. It provides a differential measurement a

MBT 5114, Temperature sensor for measuring of exhaust gas

Power Solutions All Products Industrial Automation > Temperature sensors > MBT 5114, Temperature sensor for measuring of exhaust gas MBT

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FA-Y113 Fuel Pressure Sensor 3F2E9G756AD026123009302612300943F2E9G756AA FORDLINCOLNMERCURY FA-Y110 Exhaust gas pressure sensor EGR sensor EGP sensor DPF s

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Exhaust gas temperature sensor : NGK Spark Plugs Australia |

Exhaust gas temperature sensor Modern exhaust after treatment systems require control in regard to effici


A fuel cell power plant (10) having a fuel concentration sensor cell (54) is disclosed for detecting a concentration of fuel in a fuel cell (12)

of HEMT-Based NO, NO2 and NH3 Exhaust Gas Sensors for

We report improved ivity to NO, NO2 and NH3 gas with specially-designed AlGaN/GaN high electron mobility transistors (HEMT) that are suitable for

Ventilation of fuel cell power plant

A fuel cell stack (2) of a fuel cell power plant (1) generates electric power using a fuel gas such as hydrogen supplied from

Temperature control apparatus for exhaust gas sensor

a heaterfor heating this exhaust gas sensorto a predetermined temperature, a power source including a batteryfor supplying electric power to this heaterand

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gas flow through the stages of power production.Once a plant has a wireless sensor network The principal "exhaust gas" from silane combustion


If the sensor is installed after the turbo, the exhaust temperature can be' the fuel ratio a bit to safely raise the temperature for more power

Selective gas sensor

A selective gas sensor (10) for detecting a particular compound, or group of compounds, such as non-methane hydrocarbons, within a high temperature gas

for controlling element temperature of exhaust gas sensor

A controller for controlling a temperature of an element disposed in an exhaust gas sensor is provided. The exhaust gas sensor further comprises a heater

systems and method for controlling a load point of a gas

with exhaust gases from the gas turbine engine. gas turbine power plant can be configured and sensor configured to generate a temperature signal

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Exhaust Gas Temperature Sensor for Commercial Vehicle ConstructionPower Station Water Treatment Heat recovery Testing Equipment H-L Test Cham

Ic power plant and methof of operation

2009320-An internal combustion (IC) power plant includes an IC engine and an exhaust system carrying exhaust gasses from the IC engine to an outlet